My initial venture into New Age spirituality began many years ago. Here’s what I learned. There is so much information put out there by so many different sources, that it’s impossible to make heads or tails of it, never mind know who to listen to, what to read, who to believe. I can remember many years ago joining different online forums, full of discussion as they were, of all things New Age, aliens, visitations, abductions, and spirituality galore.

A New Age painting featuring a man and woman standing next to a UFO.Higher beings were coming to save humanity from ourselves. Vast spaceships hovered above us, cloaked and benevolent, waiting for humanity to get to that place where we are ‘ready’ for first contact. In the meantime, they watched, prayed for us, and guided us through the channellings of various individuals who were open and trusting enough to allow them in.

But this was where the similarities ended. Different forums, avenues, sources, channels came from a similar starting point, then veered off in their own direction as interpretation and ego gets in the way of what may or may not have started out as something pure, from a genuine source. Now, we get to the ‘may or may not’ bit.

My initial venture into such topics came in the form of a book, “The Only Planet of Choice” by Phyllis V. Schlemmer and Palden Jenkins. This book centres around channelled messages received through Schlemmer, which were purported to be from a group of higher entities known as the Nine Principles, or the Council of Nine. These entities claimed to be essentially those that we might otherwise know of as the Elohim, beings of the highest vibration and closest to Source. So I devoured the entire volume in probably a week or less if I remember correctly. And I didn’t look back, for a while.

Andrija Puharich - Parapsychologist.

Andrija Puharich – Parapsychologist.

Several books, forums, years later, I came across an internet article which provided some interesting background information about those behind The Only Planet of Choice. In particular, a former army doctor and CIA researcher Andrija Puharich. While the article and its source are clearly coming from a place of general scepticism about the topic, there’s nonetheless verifiable information that questions the credibility of much of the information in the book. Here’s a quote from the article:

“Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the history of The Nine is its relationship to the career of Andrija Puharich. Recent research has revealed Puharich to have a distinctly sinister side. As an Army doctor in the 1950s, he was deeply involved with the CIA’s notorious MKULTRA mind-control project. He – together with the infamous Dr. Sidney Gottlieb – experimented with a variety of techniques to change or induce actual thought processes, even to creating the impression of voices in the head.”

That such technology exists is scary enough without considering the full implications of an organisation such as the CIA playing with it. Who knows how many have fallen foul of the influence of such ‘voice of god’ technology? Presumably, they can project ‘channellings’ to the unsuspecting and well-meaning, resulting in much of the ‘channelled’ information we are exposed to today. The best lies are hidden within snippets of truth. And the best liars are those who don’t know themselves, that they are lying. Is the New Age of today now little more than the result of a lot of psychological manipulation by the CIA? Is this the reason that New Age is so full of conflicting information?

It always bothered me how I could resonate so well with a lot of what I read, while at the same time become confused, even disturbed, by different bits of it. A lot would make sense to me while a bit here and another bit there just wouldn’t resonate. What was all that about? A little warning bell was sounding inside my gut, reminding me to use discernment. To consider interpretation, ego, agenda. And lies.

The waters have been muddied and it’s now extremely difficult to know for sure the quality and source of information we receive. So how do we discern good information from bad? After all, there must be some good information to be had or the CIA wouldn’t have felt the need to have so much fun with it. Otherwise, why would they bother? Or, is it all just another tin foil hat conspiracy theory? If it is, do we believe or not believe anything we read, according to what may or may not be part of a real or fake conspiracy?

It’s time to stop overthinking it. Over-indulging my brain cells on this over the years has just given me endless headaches, which I don’t wish to share with you the reader. So this is what I suggest you consider:

It is highly probable that New Age has been infiltrated with much disinformation designed to confuse, reduce credibility and create ridicule. After all, no-one in their ‘right mind’ would believe any of ‘that stuff’.

All religions are subject to interpretation and have been subjectively interpreted according to the whims of those with the desire and the means. While New Age isn’t a religion it behaves in a similar fashion in this respect.

Because New Age isn’t a religion and lacks a specific religious doctrine, it is massively open to interpretation and has been influenced by many and diverse schools of thought over the years.

Finally, and most importantly, the one law most relevant here is the law of free will. We have the ability to make up our own mind about our own belief system, whatever that will be. And, we have that little warning bell inside our gut to let us know when something just doesn’t resonate. Always trust that, and you will fare well enough.

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